Molting Series | 2021

A period of transition. Reflecting back, evaluating, carrying forward the good of the old and releasing what does not serve. 

A return to a constant theme, the scholar rock. Stillness and observation.
The Cherries My Lover Brought 
He started out so sweet.
Flying Tiger Copenhagen
I was not alone in my revolution, the world was changing with catastrophic suddenness. 
The Luminiferous Ether
The spaces between.
Edited for Length and Clarity
I spent more of my time proofreading his work than painting. I should have taken my own advice.
Eating Rose Petals on the Moon 
An irresistible quote from my besties' spawn. It fit.
Magical Peach of Immortality
Overheard at the MMA 6/11 kimono exhibit. Again, it fit.